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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a makeup artist? Or perhaps you're just wanting to learn a few skills to enhance the way you apply your own makeup?


If you're looking for an immersive education, in a fun and supportive environment to help kick-start your makeup career and extend your skills, this is the place for you!


Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy is now offering a range of program for young aspiring artists. Through these face to face courses Eliza has developed a creative and supportive environment where young artists can express their creativity and learn new skills which could one day help them to create their own path in the ever growing beauty industry.


"For a long time, I have wanted to create a school for young artists to come and interact with like minded creatives. Makeup is an incredible creative outlet for so many people and I love sharing my knowledge and learning from others“ Eliza Schwab, Founder



With the beauty industry growing faster than ever and changing everyday with the influence of social media, courses are beginning to become outdated and do not teach the skills one needs to truly succeed as an artist in this industry. Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy aims to equip artists with everything they need to begin to make their footprint in this rapid growing industry.

Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy courses are truly unique, with modules covering elements of self application, application to a client, popular techniques such as cut creases and contouring, colour theory as well as business marketing, social media and photography. These skills are invaluable in the current technological age and can be applied to any future career paths.


Eliza Schwab is a leading makeup artist in Melbourne, with experience in makeup retail, film and television, editorial and special occasion makeup. Eliza noticed a gap in the makeup education industry, that there is a lack of up to date eduction for young aspiring artists. Eliza aims to bridge this gap through her course whilst also providing a fun environment for young people to grow their confidence and meet like minded people.


The Location
Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy is located in Heathmont at Glam Theory Studios.

The Courses

1:1 Pro Artist Lesson

Duration - 2 Hours

Great for established artists looking to extend upon their skills and learn new techniques.

6 Week - Master Your Skills Course

Duration - 6x 3 Hour Classes

Great for those who have previously completed an Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy Course and are wanting to further their training.

1:1 Learn Your Face Lesson

Duration - 2 Hours

Great for beginners looking to learn to apply their own makeup for everyday and special occasions.

6 Week - Intro to Artistry Course

Duration - 6x 3 Hour Classes

Great for aspiring artists and makeup lovers looking to extend their skills in all areas. Focusses on application to a client.